gay parenting

hurray for an obama campaign.  boo to the propositions that were passed in a few states taking away the rights of same-sex couples.  today i watched 30 Days (with Morgan Spurlock).  the episode was on same-sex parents.   it can be watched on hulu or you can google elsewhere to find the episode.  i had to write this quick post because i never cry (very rarely, at least), but tears streamed down my cheeks several times as i watched this.  i cried when i saw how loving the two fathers were with their kids.  i cried when i contemplated people wanting to take away their right to parent.  i cried when i saw one of their younger kids brushing his teeth and it made me sad to think some would have him taken away from them.  i cried when i saw this woman (who was living in their home and against gay adoption rights) as her mind was torn left and right in order to deal with the cognitive dissonance caused by seeing these great parents.  i cried when i saw two adults who were raised in foster homes, as they showed what it was like to live in that environment and how much they would have loved to have had a home, even a gay home, to call home.  i cried when i realized what a noble thing these two men were doing as they adopted special needs kids and others without a home to go to.  i cried when i contemplated the millions of people that voted in favor of taking away gay rights.  there are far too many foster kids as it is now, and if gays cannot adopt that will only increase the number of kids who may never, ever have a home.  that saddens my soul and sickens my stomach.  i also cried as i saw this woman never change her beliefs even though she wanted to. she wanted to.  but she couldn’t go against her faith as it had been taught to her that she should champion a faith-based belief over empathy, knowledge and experience.  lastly, i cried because the woman was a mormon and she represented the unshakable bigotted ignorance of the LDS church and it’s primary involvement in supporting proposition 8.  i rarely cry but this is a sad day.

ps:  please take the time to watch the episode while it’s still available.


limericks about time

Time’s an illusion, you know
And lunchtime, of course, doubly so–
It so rapidly passes,
Or slow as molasses,
And where did my yesterday go?!?
The telling of time is an art
Take, for instance, the time we’re apart:
That time is not reckoned
By hour or by second,
But measured in beats of my heart.
I remember when days used to last,
And a year was impossibly vast;
It seems yesterday morn
When my children were born–
How the hell did they grow up so fast?
My days, though to say so seems trite,
Seem to pass at the speed of–well, light.
If I only could see ’em,
I’d carpe each diem,
But they so quickly pass out of sight.

“so your child told you they’re an atheist”

while reading blake’s about me section, he mentioned the following article. i think this could be a good article for my family to read to help understand my disbelief.

i’m especially glad the author came to his conclusion about “type 4” atheists (see article) because i myself believe that once someone who has diligently studied, dissected and contemplated his/her own religion and has come to the conclusion that it is not divine, i find it extremely difficult for them to go back to the faith. especially (as in my case) as reason and logical thinking have been learned and practiced, it is very difficult to go back to faith or to even see “faith” as any kind of a virtue at all.

to read the full article, go here


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bloggy links for today

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…Okay that’s seriously enuf for now- i think i’m going to play COD4.

Marriage Tips

Here are some tips from a man named Glenn McDonald on how to have a successful marriage.   I thought some of them were really good- even mandatory.

  1. Marriage is not the end of the search, it’s the beginning of all the searches that are more fun to do together. Your world is getting bigger today, not smaller! More history, more friends, more possibilities.
  2. Be the guardians of each other’s solitudes. Not only do you need to give each other space, you need to make each other space.
  3. No difficult conversations after 10pm. Not only is it harder to solve problems when you’re tired, but at least half the time being tired is the problem. Continue reading