About this blog

About my blog:

“darwinian remiix” just sounded kinda cool at the time i chose it.  it does fit me, though.  like a familiar song, now remixed, my life has also been remixed in many ways.  but still carries the same melody.

‘nother thing:  did you notice how terrible i write (see above…and the content of this blog for examples)?  well with this bloggy blog of mine, i will actually strive to write gramatically incorrect, unfunny and downright boring at (most) times.

reason being that my audience and priorities for this blog run in this order:

1.  to my family and prosperity, that they might be able to follow a trail of studies and journal entries (starting with One Dude’s Mormon Studies) down my path towards disbelief and skepticism.  my reasons for this are for empathy for me and others of all types, and for educational purposes.

2.  for my own gain.  it’s my journal.  also, i archive topics like “evolution” and “atheism” and when i need quick access to “the archives of my online studies”, *click, there they are.

3.  my third purpose for keeping this online journal is for the online audience that find this through google or somewhere else.  occasionally i find friends through online discussions and my blog and it’s great to be able to talk with them.

so since that is the order of my priorities, u probably shouldn’t expect much from my site and will probably have a better time surfing the waters of pz myers or phil plait.

Okay, About Mark:

My name is Mark, i’m in my 30’s and work in tech and sales. I was raised LDS (Mormon), served a two-year mission and am now figuring things out for the first time spiritually and intellectually as I piece together my ever-changing world view. I am interested in science and technology and most recently I have enjoyed stumbling upon the skeptic community and learning all they have to offer.

My older blog on Mormonism, Religion and Spirituality.

17 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Nice blog. We seem to share many interests. LibraryThing, science, scepticism etc. Particularly liked the 6 big mistakes book review. In fact I pinched some bits for my blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hey Mark,

    I thought I’d recommend A demon haunted world by Carl Sagan if you havent read it. It is a great book and its the one I tell everyone to read if they want to understand why I walked away from faith.

    Enjoying your blog posts still.

    Keep it up.


  3. Justin – Lets just say that carbon dating, and all physics is wrong. Still, we have tree rings of living trees, the bristle cone pine for one, that has rings going back 4500 plus years. Other trees have been dated at 10,000 years plus. We therefore know by physical concomplicated proof that the earth is not 6000 years old.

    • Tim and Justin,

      Good critique. Something to consider: just my opinion; in good skepticism to better problem solve my friend taught me that i should strive when possible to allow myself more than 2 possible answers. i like that approach because like on difficult bubble answer tests; it can help find the right answer by process of elimination. According to some apologists’ belief’s, God’s time for one day equals 1000 years of man’s time. Therefore 6 days to create the earth and one day to rest equals 7000 years. 7+the 6 we hear more commonly equals 13. Maybe its 13 thousand years old?

      • (I am aware of Occam’s razor.) Faith wouldn’t be necessary if we had proof. I don’t believe the purpose of faith is to find proof. It is my opinion that humans get more out of faith when we use it to improve our lives and serve others. I haven’t found anything in this life that has given me as much deep personal satisfaction or made as big of an impression on what I define to be my soul than the feelings I get when I serve another or do something charitable.
        From the Latter Day Saint cannon (Mormon):
        Moro. 7: 47
        47 But acharity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.

  4. Secondly, just because the religious of the day can’t accept fact over faith doesn’t mean God is full of BEAP. I have had too many experiences to know that someone up there loves me. But i have friends in all walks of life that tell the same stories of faith as i. So I know the facts. There is no world wide flood, no garden of eden, no Adam that ate an apple, although there may have been an Adam that started civilization as we know it, and put on pants for the first time but not in the sense that it is described in the Bible, at least if you take it literally, which i don’t.

    From a practical point of view, you are in the right place at the right time simply because there is a tremendous amount of wisdom coming from Salt Lake. We less disease of all types, less death from most types including car accidents, and less birth defects than any group in the US except 7th day adventists. And to BYU’s credit, the science deptment is completely independent of the religion department. I have a graduate of BYU in my ward who is a science teacher and we both have a lot of fun trying to fit everything together.

    So take heart. If you don’t want God to die, he won’t.

  5. Here are my two cents.

    I am not a demagogue, although my classmates might disagree. …I believe that…

    Mormonism, as with any organized religion or cult, are
    contrived attempts at both population control and the protection of the plutocracy.

    Someone realized, dating back to Mesopotamian Akkadians and their Ziggurats, that power and money could be made if the population are placed in a state of fear. This fear can be easily achieved if there is belief in a punishment by an unheard, unseen, and omnipotent force.

    Anyone who has taken high school history courses should be privy to this damning information. Examples. The sheer brutality, greed, and obscene corruption throughout decades of the papacy. Power struggles between the Caliphs, causing the split in Islam. Corrupt Egyptian kings and their almost genocidal tendencies. The list is almost endless. Find a religion, and you can probably find a group of people running the show with something to gain or lose.

    Religious ideas and virtues, generally speaking, are inherently good. Mankind, sadly, is perhaps not.

    Alright I think I have ranted long enough.

  6. hey,

    i’ve read some of your entries on one dude’s mormon studies, and some on here, and i like what i’ve read. i only found out abt noms today, didn’t realise that others felt like i did! funny. it’s so interesting reading what you and others have to say abt mormonism, abt religion and science. learning is great fun, wish there were more hours in the day for it.

    anyway, thanks for blogging, keep it up.


  7. It is nice to see others that have managed to triumph with rational thought over raging emotion. It seems few find our path through the church. You seem like a cool person. I would like to meet you someday.



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