Tutorial: How to get a free iPad (this is also how i got my 360 and iPhone 4)

Last year, I got a free xbox 360 and iPod video This week i got my iPhone 4! This is how I did it:

I got a free Xbox 360 about a year ago from doing one of those online thingies. I also got an iPod Video and iPhone 4 too and helped some friends get free iPods.

Now I’m gonna get a free iPhone 4 (edit: i just received it in the mail)- just like I got my 360 and iPod. (this is me, markii, talking by the way, this is not some spam blog post). Anyways, it really does work- ask me and I’ll tell you all about it. To get your free iPhone click here. They’re worth $500 bucks so do it like me- get it for free!!

(Here’s a news clip on the website that gives out free stuff).

I recommend signing up for Gamefly (it’s only ten bucks), or sign up something else that gives you instant credit, and is a “Level A” offer. Then you cancel in a couple of weeks (sign up for one that gives instant credit) and you’re done. Then sign up your friends, 10 friends if you choose an iPad). Seriously that’s it.


I’m so excited for this iPad that i’m going for now, but I don’t want to put out 500 bucks for it.

Click here to sign up for a free iPad now. Thank You!

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  2. Yes you need a credit card to do this. I recommend signing up for Blockbuster Online. That’s definitely a company you can feel safe about giving your cc number to. You must be from the U.S. to do this offer also.

    So: it’ll cost you about 10 bucks for Blockbuster online, you pay nothing more and sign up some of your friends and family so they can do the offer too (as long as they don’t live in the same house as you).

    Trust me, it’s worth the 10 bucks!

  3. thanks markII! i signed up using your link about a month ago and now my iPhone is in the mail!! thanks again!

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