gay parenting

hurray for an obama campaign.  boo to the propositions that were passed in a few states taking away the rights of same-sex couples.  today i watched 30 Days (with Morgan Spurlock).  the episode was on same-sex parents.   it can be watched on hulu or you can google elsewhere to find the episode.  i had to write this quick post because i never cry (very rarely, at least), but tears streamed down my cheeks several times as i watched this.  i cried when i saw how loving the two fathers were with their kids.  i cried when i contemplated people wanting to take away their right to parent.  i cried when i saw one of their younger kids brushing his teeth and it made me sad to think some would have him taken away from them.  i cried when i saw this woman (who was living in their home and against gay adoption rights) as her mind was torn left and right in order to deal with the cognitive dissonance caused by seeing these great parents.  i cried when i saw two adults who were raised in foster homes, as they showed what it was like to live in that environment and how much they would have loved to have had a home, even a gay home, to call home.  i cried when i realized what a noble thing these two men were doing as they adopted special needs kids and others without a home to go to.  i cried when i contemplated the millions of people that voted in favor of taking away gay rights.  there are far too many foster kids as it is now, and if gays cannot adopt that will only increase the number of kids who may never, ever have a home.  that saddens my soul and sickens my stomach.  i also cried as i saw this woman never change her beliefs even though she wanted to. she wanted to.  but she couldn’t go against her faith as it had been taught to her that she should champion a faith-based belief over empathy, knowledge and experience.  lastly, i cried because the woman was a mormon and she represented the unshakable bigotted ignorance of the LDS church and it’s primary involvement in supporting proposition 8.  i rarely cry but this is a sad day.

ps:  please take the time to watch the episode while it’s still available.


5 thoughts on “gay parenting

  1. Not surprising at all,
    “The poor will always be amongst you”
    That leads me to believe Generally speaking that there will always be parent less kids, hate, hypocrisy, etc. etc.

    There is suffering in the world because someone will gain “Godly Goodness” from it. So those kids are serving there purpose whether they get adopted or not. Whether they make the wrong decisions as life goes on is totally up to them.
    Wrong choices such as choosing the wrong friends or participating in Homosexual acts. I believe the whole time you start your life long race you are being rooted on in the spiritual realm by the good and the evil, but the choice is always yours.
    Should gay people be able to adopt? Yes,
    but only teenagers or retarded kids, not babies who are susceptible (easily influenced), and usually grow up being what they see. In that case I would rather grow up amongst more foster kids than Homosexuals.
    So if a gay wants to adopt a kid go adopt a teenager who is not as easily manipulated as a baby and you will still be doing some good for the world if good is what you seek.
    If not than stay childless and seek change in your own life
    because: Jeremiah 23:1 – Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
    Pastors meaning anyone who believes in God and are commissioned to teach the truth of the Lord (especially the kids God lends you to raise).
    With this I leave you, Gay sex is wrong and its all over the bible and you know it. What’s worse than gay sex is leading an innocent kid into that path, now you might say we wont lead the kid into that path, he will grow up freely making his own choices, but COME On NOW! Youve already planted the seed and deep down inside your desire is for that kid to grow up gay just like daddy and daddy or mommy and mommy. Hypocrisy is with in all of us but again its our decision to change that.

    B.T.W.: I really enjoyed the article on “9 bad ass bible scriptures”.

    P.S. God doesn’t hate the sinner he hates the sin.

    God Bless You,

  2. “Gay sex is wrong and its all over the bible and you know it.”

    same with the passages that say to kill the gays, kill disobedient children, kill women who marry as non-virgins, etc. the same book that tells us to kill the homosexuals also says it is a sin to eat seafood. if you accept one you must accept the other, or else you are cherry picking your scriptures. this is dishonest and ignorant. how could you defend the christian consumption of seafood and not murdering the offenders previously mentioned? you cannot, if you are honest with yourself. please commence mental-gymnastic answer………..uh, now. 😉

  3. York,
    You are an ignorant idiot! Teenagers and handicapped kids?! Did you really just say that?! Basically what you deem “rejects” and “throwbacks” of society should be the fodder to feed gay families?
    And do not be so ridiculous to imply what you would rather have, when it comes to being raised along with foster kids as opposed to gay couples. You haven’t been there so you have no idea. And while your at it, why don’t you educate yourself in the abuse (sexual and physical) that plague the foster care program. Why don’t you work on being a sensible human being before proclaiming from the mountain tops your virtues as a Christian?
    I have never been a proponent of gay marriage or gays adopting children, but to see this video and the chance these children have compared to the STATISTICAL evidence of the flaws of foster care upbringing, or holes in the adoption agencies amazes me. Good for anyone who wishes to help another person. I am adopted and do know what it is like to not have a home, and no child from the same background as mine has ever voiced or will voice a wish to not have one. You know nothing of what you talk about.
    Amazes me you quote scripture with such prowess but are so uneducated. In your case the sin is lack of intelligence and condemn me to hell, but I hate the sin as well as the sinner.

  4. York,
    One last thing, show me once credible source which you can cite as well as your scriptures that shows any evidences that children raised in a gay friendly environment or home have higher tendencies to become homosexual. Try and keep in mind I did say credible.
    I’ll give you a hint… there is none.

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