Does God Exist? The Nightline Face-Off between the Rational Response Squad and the Christians

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort face off in a debate with the Rational Response Squad over the existence of God. Part 1 – broadcast on May 9th 2007

This was a great debate between the rational atheists and the Christians. the Christians claimed that they would be able to PROVE the existence of God scientifically and without using the bible. Well they failed. It was sad to listen to their arguments. This is the same guy that brought us the banana argument to prove God’s existence, by the way. Really though I enjoyed watching this debate (I’ve written more on this debate here). below you can watch the full program:

Part one:

Part two:


4 thoughts on “Does God Exist? The Nightline Face-Off between the Rational Response Squad and the Christians

  1. Somehow I found this debate to be less inspiring than what I hoped it would be. The poor arguments from those believers and that chick Kelly distracted me hehe.

  2. I would just like to ask the God believers the following : does their God have enough power to create man through evolution? How do you know that this isn’t the way he created man? Also, you believe that a god created the universe. In order to ask the question “Where did the Universe come from?” You have to answer the question “Did the Universe come into existance or was it awalys here? The 3rd law of thermodynamics and the equation e=mc2 indicates that energy and matter can not be destroyed or created. That is evidence that they are infinite.

  3. Gus, Yeah both sides were pretty lacking in their arguments/rebuttals but overall I thought it was very entertaining- especially the croco-duck part. I think that Ray Comfort was being disengenuous and really didn’t go there to “scientifically” prove the existence of God w/out the Bible. He used the bible a lot and I think just wanted the national coverage to “preach”. It bugged me how many anecdotes and “cute little stories” he used to try to make his points. Reminds me of church.

    Donald: Yeah, that’s a fair and pretty obvious question to ask (about Evolution). The problem for believers is the implications of Evolution (ie we are animals, and it took 1/2 BILLION years for the “creation story” to unfold instead of simply making man out of dust and women out of a rib). As for your second question to the believers I believe they briefly went over that in the debate (although not very articulately).

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