Ray Comfort’s $10000 Prize

I finished watching the debate between the Rational Squad and the Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron Squad. I thought it was cool how the dude from the Rational Squad said, “Now I want to make it clear that I’m not here to debate Kirk Cameron showing the Croco-Duckwhether or not God exists- I’m just debating that you cannot prove his existence scientifically, which is what Ray and Kirk have argued they can do.” He also called himself an “Agnostic-Atheist” who simply does not find a reason to believe in God right now. He sounds a lot like me.

More interesting, however, was the “science” that Ray and Kirk argued about. Wow. I laughed so so hard when they brought out the pictures of the “croco-duck” and “bull-frog” as examples of what would merit proof of “missing-link” between two species (you can see the whole debate here). I almost peed my pants they sounded so dumb. “Dude” from Rational Squad (can you tell I forgot his name) quickly and correctly replied that everyone and every species is missing-link or is a species between two others. Anyways, I just saw Ray Comfort’s $10000 prize offer on his webpage (to anyone who can show a missing-link and prove it scientifically). He gives examples of what would consist of a missing-link. I copied the following from his webpage where he cites his challenge:

So here’s my challenge: I will give $10,000 to the first person who can prove to me that they have found a genuine living transitional form (a lizard that This is a Pupling.  Yes a Pup-Duckling, duh!produced a bird, or a dog that produced kittens, or a sheep that produced a chicken, or even as Archaeopteryx—a dinosaur that produced a bird). Species do not cross, no matter how long you leave them. The whole of creation is proof that evolution is truly “a fairytale for grownups.”

To the side of this explanation of the theory of Evolution is this great picture that should go down in the history books forever. For…e…ver. It is classic. It is…a Pupling.

Now my question to you is this: is Ray Comfort being sincerely disengenuous in what he is seeking in a missing link (ie a lizard that produced a bird, or a dog that produced kittens, or a sheep that produced a chicken), or is knowlingly being deceitful? I really doubt that anyone- especially someone who has the courage to debate about science on national television- could have so little knowledge about Evolution that they think Bull-Donkeys or Croco-Poodles “could be that missing proof we’ve been waiting for all along.” I’m convinced he’s dishonest. And that he’s a dick. A Ray-Dick.


2 thoughts on “Ray Comfort’s $10000 Prize

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  2. Dear Mr. Good-god-seeker!

    You are very correct open and kind people. You know many sciences. You are able to live well. You have learned to achieve an object in view and You achieve persistently, overcoming all difficulties. You very well show Your big interest in searches proof-existence-god. Meanwhile nobody has given You proof-existence-god. But anybody also has not given also the truth of the theory of evolution. Today there are many firms (sites) which give $1000000 only for any paranormal phenomenon. Also maybe if You will give $1000000 they will give You proof-existence-god?

    I read many proofs-existence-gods, but all of them are incorrect. I can easily find a mistake, the contradiction in any proof-existence-god, in any theory (philosophical, physical, mathematical, religious, etc.). Authors of these theories and proofs-existence-gods do not see the mistakes because have very strong bias, that only they are right, and have very big desire to become famous.

    I for a long time have read through Your site. You are very well write about people, about the politician, about justice, about morals. You are good people, you want good to people, You want that on the Earth there was a perfect social system. You are big researchers, You are big truth-lovers and truth- seekers and search for the truth of life. You have a big light soul and the trained perfected mind which quickly all distinguishes and recognizes. You already have made a lot of goods for people. And people are very grateful to you.

    I saw many proof-existence-god, but they are frivolous, they are for children. If You want to have proof-existence-god, You will have it. You too long waited for the god and here now have waited. You suffered also You much should be reward. You will receive proof-existence-god in 2007 if You want. Proof-existence-god is very simple. Normal formed unbiased people can understand all. Some opponents of god, atheists, materialists, evolutionists, Darwinists, etc. can understand it even. Man for your life should find out god. If man for him life has not found out god, means he has lived in vain.

    I should like to know, where, when, and how (in what kind) I can give You proof-existence-god. I live in Ukraine, You live in the USA. You work in firm or at university, You are very occupied people. And still I wish to ask You, what You will do with this proof-existence-god? What for it to You? How You can use it? You place it on Your site, it will be read through by 100-1000 people and they will be silent also will tell nobody about it and all. Whether it will help people? Whether it will help to improve a life on the Earth?

    Thank You for everything You do and for everything You will do.

    I hope for Your affirmative decisions. I wish You all success.

    Excuse me, for my English, but I am learning.
    Yours respectfully – YARKOVYY Mykola,

    Ukraine, 54056, city Mikolayiv, tel. +(38097)-307-90-44, e-mail: kpmp@ukr.net

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