Banana-Porn, Peanut Butter, and Evolution!


“The Atheist’s Nightmare- THE BANANA”!  (NSFW, depending on how you “take it”)

Here is an audio clip from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe and their take on the whole thing. Listen to it, it’s really funny!

Okayyy one more video (that I just found- and it’s really great). This is a two-minute video debunking the Banana Argument from the first video.

Now the next video is pretty poorly done, but it makes a couple of good points that I can tell you without watching it. It brings up the obvious question: If the banana is the atheist’s nightmare because it is so human-friendly, than what about the pineapple (no tab to open like the banana, no “green is bad, yellow is good, black is too late” because pineapples have all these colors at once, and they do not “fit nicely in the hand”. What about the potato that is toxic if not cooked sufficiently? What about onions? You really could go on and on. Here is the video, (interesting thing about the maker of this video is that he was banned from YouTube for some remarks on the Muslim religion (what happened to freedom of speech)?

My quick thoughts on this whole argument from design from banana is that he starts off showing his ignorance of the history of the banana- it’s actually a man-made product over the last 5000-8000 years. His argument also shows the fallacy of inconsistency which is simply- if you’re going to use the argument of the banana as proof of god’s design, you must also use the criteria for evidence to other fruits and vegetables around the earth as well. In doing so he actually proves himself wrong (according to his own criteria).


5 thoughts on “Banana-Porn, Peanut Butter, and Evolution!

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  3. Do you actually listen to yourself or think before you talk? The bananas that we eat have been developed via selective breeding (much like dogs; believe it or not your God did not drop dogs off as they look now. Over 70% of all dog breeds have been developed in the last 150 years). An uncultivated (for you religious fanatics that does not mean belonging to a cult) banana has a different shape, huge inedible sees, and are quite small. Keep trying to prove science wrong, we will come up with answers. You just keep falling back on your book of tales that (in clear seeing eyes) has no validity.

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