anti-satanic reader comment

i encourage you and you and you (any and all who may be taking a sunday stroll across my blog) to take a gander at the most recent comment posted.  it was a response to a request i had made months ago on how to go about doing a satanic seance in such a manner that would insure the highest possiblity of attracting supernatural and evil presences.  i’ve since not really been too intrigued or interested in the possibilities (nor am i of the potential consequences of saying bloody mary 3 times in my bathroom mirror), but here is one reader’s comment- for everyone to enjoy.  i invite you to either 1) count the punctuations included in the long-winded paragraph, or 2) try to read/imagine where one would take a breath in between pseudo-scientific/fairy-talk rantings.

ok that was harsh but here it is in all its fear-mongering glory:


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