oh, spoiled generation (of mine)

this is just too damn funny Louis CK on Conan (10/1/08) discussing modern conveniences.

via toomanytribbles


3 thoughts on “oh, spoiled generation (of mine)

  1. Well I am 19 and apart of this generation. And I still go
    “OMG, you can do that”
    nearly every single day. And definitely every time I listen to a Nature Journal podcast.

  2. That’s so freakin’ funny. It reminds me of the first time I realized how easy and quickly one can become both accustomed to new technology and at the same time frustrated with it because it’s still not fast enough, big enough, better enough, etc.

    Before my parents purchased their first microwave oven the only method to heat-up a hotdog was by placing said hotdog(s) into a pot of water and heat on the stove top until boiling….the water that is. This could take 5-minutes or more depending upon the amount of water.

    With the microwave I could place said hotdog(s) into the device, press a few buttons and 30-seconds later I had piping hot hotdogs.

    I still vividly recall standing in front of the microwave one day, tapping my foot on the floor and thinking, “Damn. Will this thing hurry up.”


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