Sarah Palin: Anti-Science, Anti-Research, Anti-Intelligence

must read the full article including responses from the scientists here:


One thought on “Sarah Palin: Anti-Science, Anti-Research, Anti-Intelligence

  1. Funny you posted this….I have been diligent over the past few months telling anyone who would listen that the modern Republican Party (especially as envisioned by the likes of Palin) has taken an anti-intellectual (my words exactly) bent.

    They act as if science is some sort of disease which needs to be eradicated (rather ironic, eh?). Logic, reason, research and intelligence are anathema to them and I would suggest they are such because they don’t fit into their narrowly defined world created in the Old Testament.

    It makes one wonder why they bother to touch or use any modern contrivance as if doing such puts them in bed with science and reason.

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