my inquiry into the economic crisis:

i get this odd feeling of security as i look around my apt. and see my xbox 360, big screen tv, my cars in the garage, computers, etc.  i get this strange sense of security as i just can’t get myself to fathom sitting in a soup bowl line while at the same time having more than my humanistic share of luxuries at home.  now i know this comment is shotgunned with logical fallacies, but i think at the heart of it it seems like we (and other countries) have pumped the US nation full of assets and resources (albeit many unnecessary ones like my gadgets) and that that richness of “crap” has somehow set us much much further away from the ’29 generation (which i innocently imagine as generally owning only that which is close to their basic needs).

to further explain:  look in your kids’ (or a nearby kid’s) rooms.  way overboard on the toys, etc.  compare this to what it was like even in the 80’s (yes even i can taste the logical fallacies seething through my teeth once again).  but what i mean is that the US has been such a consumer, “buy buy buy”, “gottahavit”, “holiday junkie” “shop-til-you-drop” nation that we’ve stored up a plethora of this junk (and other real assets) and that all may somehow convert into having more than enough of our needs if we were to go through a 10 year depression.  somehow that’s gotta set us apart from the ’29 depression, right?  am i even making sense?

i guess really it comes down to looking at one’s personal savings, their assets, job skills, and future continued job opportunities to see how one would really fare compared to the ’29 era depression.

to end, i’ll add what “my perception of the 29 crash was”:  some stock traders jumping out of windows, cars on cinder blocks for lack of money to maintain or drive them, soup lines and unemployment for many many americans.

thanks for the input, it’s hard to publicly display the sad extent to my ignorance but i find this blog interesting and respect your opinions.

i realize the dumbassedness of my question but i’m just looking for some answers, ya know?  any input from a reader out there?

by the way, the Long Run Blog has had some excellent blog posts recently on the situation of the economy.  they are “members” of the skeptical community (the blog was setup from the skeptic’s guide rogues), and attempt to apply critical thinking and skepticism to all things economics.  http://thelongrunblog.wordpress.com/


One thought on “DURR…

  1. The only explanation I can offer is the quote “To the victor, the spoils.”

    This nation, after WWII, was in an incredibly unique position. We managed to escape the war without having suffered the incredible destruction that beset Europe, the USSR and Japan.

    We had the war machine up to full speed, which was easily converted to the manufacture of everyday goods. We had a political climate that fostered the education and/or training of those men returning from service, who would go on to create jobs for themselves or go to work for others. We pushed the envelope of science and reaped the rewards of our research and intelligence, while much of the rest of the First World was busy simply rebuilding homes, roads and lives.

    We moved our lives ahead at breakneck speeds and enjoyed the fruits of our labour. Becoming fat and spoiled was somewhat inevitable human nature being what it is.

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