creationist cartoons

i thought these were…uhh… interesting.


this isn’t how evolution works, nor are the materials to work with or creation process (natural selection) comparable

circular reasoning is typical creationist reasoning (ie the bible is true because god says it is true…in the bible)


oh, the ignorance of it all.  fucking shit some people are dumb.


4 thoughts on “creationist cartoons

  1. Hi Mark,

    I am half way through “Fads and Fallacies” by Martin Gardner. It reminds me of “Anyone Speak VEnusian?” by Patrick Moore.

    Both books help me to accept such silly claims with more equanimity as they treat them with the humour they deserve.

    Yes it is frustrating sometimes. But then lumping such claims in with the Cosmic Ice Theory of the Nazi’s, the universal suck and blow theory of physics, hollow earths, flat earths and the rest just gives yet further evidence that human minds have evolved. An omnipotent and all loving designer would not have designed brains capable of such silliness. 😉

    – – –

    BTW I came across a theory which reconciled every YEC claims with every scientific claim and so of course was universally dismissed by both sides. Basically it claims that all the evidence is as science reveals but that god just made it that way.

    – – –

    Keep on smiling.

    – – –

    A comment on a religious blog made me smile – from an ex YEC – the meaning of life is to give life meaning – ahmen brother.

    – – –



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