Your body, my body

a couple of days ago i noticed the bumper sticker on my brother’s car. it says, “if your body’s a temple, then mine is an amusement park”. clever.

today i found a liberal mormon blog “celebrating mormon sexuality”. its theme:

Growing up Mormon, we’re often told the controlling, mean-spirited, disparaging joke that, “your body is a temple, not a visitors’ center.”

We disagree.

Our bodies are indeed temples, vital links between ourselves and the divine in the universe. But equally importantly, our bodies are visitors’ centers, and this is a cause for celebration. Over time, our bodies have welcomed many different visits from a variety of guests — spouses, lovers, children, friends, self. Though those visits, and the human connections they bring, we have come to better know ourselves, others, and the universe.

This blog celebrates Mormon sexuality, in all its forms. We rejoice at the multiplicity of forms of sexual expression, and condemn no one for their personal, consenting choices. We are not ashamed of our sexuality, and we reject any who would tell us to feel shame over our bodies’ natural role as both temple and visitors’ center. Through our discussions here, we hope to come to better understand the fascinating mix of sexuality and spirituality in our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

And we welcome you to join us for discussion at our visitors’ center here online.

The Visitor’s Center blog


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