masturbation warning

a discussion of the bakulum led to a discussion about masturbation. i thought it would be wise to alert the public about this warning from the American Medical Association, about the dangers of being a “wanka”:

jus’ kidding folks. actually:

Frequent ejaculation may protect against cancer

Frequent sexual intercourse and masturbation protects men against a common form of cancer, suggests the largest study of the issue to date yet.

just did a quick google search and found this. spank dear friends. spank. away.


6 thoughts on “masturbation warning

  1. Ah, me thinks god doth protest. Do we have a margin of error on this research in which god might hide? Or is it that god preserves the wanker that he/she might have an opportunity to repent?

    Naw. He apparenly just lets us live long enough that our vision begins to fail with old age and thus he punishes us as advertised. Cold-hearted bastard.

  2. Although, those that masterbate less tend to be more of a type a personality and are less distracted in life and make more money. They probably divorce more and generally make life misserable for the rest of us, pushing us to suceed. On the other hand, ! , I am greatfull that someone is being productive so that i don’t have to be. What i am sure of is that if President Bush had gotten a bj and wanked a bit we wouldn’t be in Iraq right now.

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