10 songs- no cheating

well ned challenged his readers to post the next 10 songs that come up at random on you iPod. here go mine:

1. Sleazy (Mr. Timothy Remix)- by Dirty south. Found on DJ Solyn’s album Sunset Deluxe. I like to listen to good House music while i drive, and especially while working out. this is a pretty decent song that came up randomly (out of a thousand House tracks). [4 out of 5 stars].

2. If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time– by R. Kelly. this song was okay like 10 years ago. not so into it now. [3 out of 5 stars].

3. Cloudless– by Peter Gabriel. from the album Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence. nice ambient music while studying or surfing the net. [3 out of 5 stars, even though these 3 stars are more well-deserved then R. Kelly’s are].

4. Southside– by Moby. from the album Play. i’m not a very big fan of Moby, but this song is an actually interesting song. it’s decent, at least. …fun to hear occasionally. [3 out of 5 stars].

5. Shoot ’em Up– by Bone Thugs n Harmony. from back in my wanna-be-ganksta dayz in tha 90’s. i still love listening to these guys though. great rap beats with harmonizing vocals. i always thought it was spooky to look on the inside of their CD covers, too. they had things like ouija board graphics, pentagrams, hidden messages (like “don’t give props to the devil”) and other things that you could only see by taking the packaging out of the CD jewel, or by reading the Old English in a mirror.

6. Keep It There– by the Weepies. this was a breath of fresh air when this song came up, i didn’t recognize it but i loved it instantly (i think my wife must have put it on our computer). i’m not usually into alternative/punk stuff as most songs in the genre sound a lot alike, but this is cool song. [4 out of 5 songs].

7. Dumb– by Nirvana. great song by a great band. i don’t listen to nirvana very often, but when it comes up every few months, it’s nice to give it a listen (my “shuffle” goes through over 7500 songs). [4 out of 5 stars].

8. Wanted Dead Or Alive (acoustic version)- by Jon Bon Jovi. why would anyone give their child a middle name that rhymes with their first name? “hey jon bon, grab me a bon bon”. i like these acoustic versions of popular rock songs. i think i bought the CD while on my mission in brazil, from a street vendor (pirated cd of course). it had some great songs that i’ve never heard or found anywhere since.

9. Run For Cover– by Bob Marley & the Wailers. man i love reggae. i love marley, love alpha blondy, love lucky dube (who just passed away- i think he was shot), and i love polynesian reggae (like Fiji, Ekolu, Aziel, Kolea, Native Blend, Pati, etc.). this jam is pretty good. puts you in a hella mellow mood. reggae’s a mood-changer. i used to drink Kava a lot with friends of mine for hours into the night while we listened to some good reggae to get’cha irie. i think it’s about time i “mix” again (*clap clap). [this particular reggae jam gets 4 out of 5 stars].

10. Walking After You– by Foo Fighters. wow, lot’s from the “alternative/punk” genre coming up. i don’t listen to this genre very often but here it is, the tenth song that popped up on random (no cheating).

i’m gonna skip through the next TEN songs and see if anything mentionable comes up:

Tiësto’s Dance4Llife (Feat. Maxi Jazz) came up from the Elements of life album. great new album by this House/Trance DJ. this track was produced to raise money for AIDS awareness

For Miles, by Thrice came up. i like this CD and haven’t heard it in a year.

Without a Doubt, by the Roots came up next. i saw them in concert a year ago. dope band, amazing cd.

wow all of the next songs coming up are great. i’ll just name the artists and be done with it: Enya, Dredg, Johnny Cash , Blue Merle, Big Pun, and the Beatles. okay enough bragging about my awesome library. how about yours?

if you read this post, consider yourself tagged to do the same!


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