John Dehlin- Humanist

John has converted! he tells me he’s a humanist now (via e-mail), and his facebook account lists his religious views as “mormon humanist”.

i’m (pretty) sure his love of mormonism continues strong. i personally think he loves the community aspect, not to mention that mormonism is his (and my) roots, and it’s difficult to turn away from that. most of us want to stay true to our culture and heritage, right?

as for me, it’s not as hard to turn my back on my family religion/heritage as i am simply doing the same as my ancestors: leaving the religion of my fathers for some higher truths.

also, bob mccue has said in a podcast interview, “i prefer to take these arrows [of dissafection] now in my life so that my children don’t have to go through it in theirs”. i find that honorable.

whatever and wherever john ends up, though, i admire him greatly. few have any idea at all how much he has reached out to dissafected LDS on a personal level. he’s the epitomy of a truly good neighbor in the community and a friend to all. his theme has been “building bridges” (between faiths, and believers/non-believers, etc.) and he’ll continue to do good wherever he goes.

please check out his large collection of work:

more on “J-Dizzle”:


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