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links for 2day…

Scientists discover oldest-to-date DNA of humans who lived in america 14,300 years ago! Some Mormons are scratching their heads over this one: a) that the Lamanite story is off by over 10,000 years; and b) how did people exist before God made Adam and Eve 6000 years ago? The study, published in the journal Science, went to extraordinary lengths to try to rule out the possibility that the DNA was the result of modern contamination. The DNA of nearly 70 scientists, archaeologists and students was cross-checked to make sure that it had not inadvertently contaminated the fossilised material. An analysis of the DNA showed that it contained two sets of genetic sequences which are shared with modern-day native Americans and people who are native to East Asia and Siberia – confirming that the first Americans came over the Bering land bridge from Asia during the last Ice Age.


5 thoughts on “links- saturday

  1. The hitch vs hitch video appears to have vanished from YouTube.

    I have had a quick look for another link to it but to no avail.

    Higher powers have intervened to prevent the truth that higher powers can’t achieve anything from getting out.




  2. there may have been a copyright issue on the hitch vs hitch video but it will be up formally soon. i’ll keep an eye out for it.

    fortunately i got to see it all before it was taken down :P.

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