Stuff White People Like

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#2 on “stuff white people like” is:

Religions that their parents don’t belong to (see post here).

White people will often say they are “spiritual” but not religious. Which usually means that they will believe any religion that doesn’t involve Jesus.

Popular choices include Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah and, to a lesser extent, Scientology. A few even dip into Islam, but it’s much more rare since you have to give stuff up and actually go to Mosque.

Mostly they are into religion that fits really well into their homes or wardrobe and doesn’t require them to do very much.

#84 T-Shirts:

tshirt3.jpgMany people and cultures view t-shirts as a simple piece of apparel that can be acquired cheaply and worn in casual situations. For white people, it’s never that easy. The t-shirt is one of the most complex and expressive items in their entire wardrobe.

Your choice of casualwear says a lot about you, and there are stringent rules and hierarchies associated with T-shirts that you must know before venturing into any white-dominated social situations.

T-shirts fall into three categories: vintage, new, and unacceptable, with the latter category compromising the bulk of the world’s supply. Within each category lies another, more precise subset of rules and rankings. Make no mistake, this is complicated.

The most prized t-shirt category is vintage. As shown earlier, white people need authenticity like they need oxygen and to have an original vintage t-shirt from the 1970s or 1980s is a very powerful social status symbol. The ideal shirt will have a funny logo, a year attached to it, and will be as thin as rice paper. In the event that two white people have shirts that meet this criteria, the superior ranking is given to the person who paid the least for the shirt. Acquiring a shirt at a vintage clothing store is seen as less respectable than sorting through racks at the Goodwill.

The second category of t-shirt is new and there really are only two options. The first is American Apparel, a company that constantly reminds you it is based in downtown Los Angeles. They are considered an acceptable white company since they produce things that are very simple, but also very expensive. The second acceptable new shirt is Threadless. This Chicago-based company produces artistic and funny t-shirts that are acceptable for concerts, Whole Foods and 80s night. White people like these shirts so much because they are designed by white people, for white people. Sort of like a white FUBU.

Finally, and perhaps the most important to be aware of, is the unacceptable category of t-shirts. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to avoid wearing the wrong t-shirt. First, if it’s made of a stiff, thick cotton, throw it in the garbage immediately. White people t-shirts must be made of the softest, finest organic cotton. This is law. Unless it is vintage, the shirt cannot be made in a foreign country (unless you can certify its labor conditions). The shirt cannot contain a current sports logo. Shirts with sports logos are acceptable, but they must contain a logo that hasn’t been used in 15 years. Last and not least, it cannot be baggy. Your t-shirt must be tight-fitting for both style and mating purposes.

It is also imperative to understand that faux vintage shirts (”Getting Lucky in Kentucky”) are completely unacceptable. They are beloved by the wrong kind of white people, and must be avoided at all costs.

This information is best applied when you are planning on attending a social gathering. Your t-shirt says a lot about you, and if it’s the right kind of shirt it will set white people at ease. Also, asking a white person “where did you get that shirt?” will allow them to tell you a detailed story about how they acquired it. This will enable them to assert why their shirt has a higher ranking than yours and they won’t view you as a threat.

Never underestimate the importance of t-shirts to white culture. It is an essential tool in determining the social rank, desirability, and value of a white person.

#88 Having Gay Friends:

gayfamily.jpgIf white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the region.

When choosing gay friends, white people like to base their decision on their own needs and requirements. Younger white people tend to prefer young, social gay people-this is their all important ticket into nightclubs and parties.

When a straight person goes to a gay night club, they are reminded of how progressive and tolerant they are. If they are hit on by a member of the same sex, it provides them with a valuable story that they can use to prove to their other friends that they are more progressive and tolerant. “This guy/girl hit on me, I said I was ’straight but not narrow,’ and it was totally chill. Oh, you went to an Irish bar this weekend? That’s cool, I guess. “

Older white people prefer to be friends with gay parents because it enables their children to experience much needed diversity with people who are, for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as them.

It is also worth noting that a gay friendship of any sort allows white people to feel as though they are a part of the gay rights movement. While white people love being a part of any movement, the gay movement is especially important to them because they can blend in at rallies and protests and spend an afternoon feeling the sting of oppression.

Gay friends are an essential part of a white person’s all-star diversity roster. But they are always on the lookout for the ultimate friend; a gay minority.

It is generally accepted that a gay black friend with a child is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity – like a quarterback who can pass, run, kick, and play linebacker. White people will crawl over each other for the opportunity to claim this person as a friend and add them to their roster of diversity.

Other minorities are also highly prized and assigned a ranking based on the level of intolerance in they face from their respective cultures and family members.

Once a white person has told you about their gay friends, it is recommended that you say “I wish more people were like you,” every few months. This will allow them to feel good about their progressive choice of friends and remind them that they are better than other white people.

If you follow this simple rule, you should be able to maximize all benefits of white friendship including assistance in moving and free drinks.

10 thoughts on “Stuff White People Like

  1. If similar generalizations were made about another race here it would be considered a racist site. Imagine “Stuff Black People Like”, followed by a bunch of idiotic plaitudes and the like. Cool?

  2. Isn’t gay parenting something of a contradiction in terms? I know that s/he who changes nappies and so on is performing parenting roles, but there are other aspects of parenting that matter to the children involved, and these are aspects of the genetic parents. The providers of their DNA and their very roots.

    Then again, what of nannies who love their charges? They are performing loving parenting roles too.

    So what gives? I think goal posts get moved over who is doing what parenting alot of the time and the children have the right to choose who they consider their parents are on their own terms. In the development of sperm and egg donation practises, in fact for example the donated cite their donors as their parents which I think is up to them.

  3. bugboy, by standards of political correctness such a list could only be construed as racist if the author was not of the same race as that addressed by the subject matter.

    Now, at the risk of violating this standard, it does seem that white folks are much less likely to laugh at themselves than black folks. So I would consider the content of this post a step forward … so long as Mark isn’t black that is. 🙂

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  5. I’ve read a big chunk of the “stuff white people like” and I don’t think it’s offensive for the following reason:

    I think the intended audience and intended message matter. In this case (unless I’m reading the site wrong), I think the point is for people who have been in the majority all their lives to get a bit of a taste of what it’s like to be stereotyped by race, to understand better how it feels.

    One particularly interesting thing about the site is the way they poke fun at people who like diversity and hate racism in theory but in their own lives place a high priority on living in affluent areas. I don’t think that such people are hypocrites or even that they’re necessarily insincere in caring about inequality. Rather it’s an incredibly difficult issue that doesn’t have simple solution, so the site encourages people to think about racial justice if they profess to care about it. And (to give one example) the site helped in getting (fellow exmo blogger) Mr. Fob to introspect about it here.

    Also, I essentially agree with the headline of Mr. Fob’s follow-up post that it’s very hard for people to avoid having racist sentiments even if they understand intellectually that racism is wrong. To me it seems like there’s something about the human brain that causes us to form and believe ethnic stereotypes. It takes constant vigilant effort to avoid doing it. Therefore I think that taking the time to discuss such issues (for example, your own follow-up post analyzing “P.C.” behavior in in various situations) is a useful activity.

  6. yeah, i agree. i think the important thing is that we weigh these matters out in our heads instead of just blindly going through life offending whomever gets in our path. but part of the human experience is to laugh at ourselves and those around us, as long as it’s done in an accepting way. and once again, “stuff black people like”, written by a black author could still be funny too, if done tastefully. and the next step towards consistency would be that a black man could write “stuff white people like” (oh wait, isn’t that the main entree of many comic performances by some blacks?), or a white guy could write “stuff black people like”, and if theres no hatred or racism behind the jokes, it ends up just being funny observation of stereotypes.

    if everyone were humanists, hopefully racism wouldn’t be behind any jokes b/c we’ve risen above that. race no longer exists, but stereotypes from the neighborhood and culture you’re from do and that’s fine (imagine how many jokes you can make about where i live- utah county).

    thanks for the comments.

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