Meditation and Self Control

Have you heard about the guy who was buried in dirt in a construction accident and yet survived for two hours on almost no air?  Or have you seen the video of a monk who set himself on fire and died without squirming or screaming in pain?  crazy self control.  maybe.  i’m skeptical but very curious.  even sam harris is very interested in meditation so there may be something to it.  or not.

anyways, i recently sent this e-mail to the SGU and i wanted to pose the same questions to any readers/visitors to this blog as well:

Hey skepdudes and chicks!

First off, I’ve listened to all of your episodes and give all of my friends an mp3 disc of your shows for them to check you out too.  The woo is rampant here in Utah!

Anyways I have a couple items of interest on meditation:  The first is this news item where a buddhist construction worker was able to survive being buried alive in an accident for two hours on almost no oxygen, via meditation:

The second story is one I have only heard about- it is about a monk (or Jainist, I’m not sure) who set himself on fire (Self-immolation) and did not scream in pain as he sat and died.  Supposedly there is video of this somewhere as well.

Meditation is cool, but I’m skeptical as to if it is actually <i>this</i> cool.

i just found the video of the monk sat on fire here:  a quick reaction/explanation may be that the video is so short that he could have squirmed and screamed to death afterwards.  maybe not.  interesting nonetheless and i’d love any input from you guys.

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