hold on to yer arses.

whoa.  today there was an earthquake here in utah.  actually it came from a little town in nevada but some felt it here in the holy town as well.  my mother called me an hour ago and asked if i had felt it.  i said “no”.  she happily reported that an ornament on her christmas tree was left swinging back and forth as a result.

my thoughts:

“why do you still have the christmas tree up, mom?”

other news- earthquakes ‘causing a ruckus’:

anti-gay protest jerusalemFor years scientists have been studying earthquakes and their causes to better predict them. This research alone could save thousands of lives each year. But after decades of scientific research in the US and abroad, progress has been slow at best. It appears that scientists, who have focused on tectonic plates and faults, have been barking up the wrong tree all along.

The cause of earthquakes is far less complicated than expected and has nothing to do with science. In a stunning discovery by Ultra-Orthodox Jews, the root cause of earthquakes has been traced to homosexuality! I know what you’re thinking… WOW how could we have missed that one!

Not convinced? I have two words for you… San Francisco.

Complete story here



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