The Lucifer Effect

fascinating lecture by Philip G. Zimbardo (from the famous Stanford Prison Experiment) about his insightful new book. the question: are there bad apples, or just bad barrels? i tend to think that the barrels are bad, thus we should have much more empathy for 100% of humanity. when the apples are bad i believe it is due to chemical imbalances and the culture and way the person was raised. this is not meant to mean no one should ever be taken out of society for bad deeds, but rather we can’t simply judge people so much or see things merely in “black and white”. i wrote about this a while back– it was one of the first things in my adulthood that made me question religion, the atonement, and “right or wrong”. watching this video was like a revelation enlightening these previous thoughts of mine. i highly recommend it.

also, if available to you, read chapter 3 in The Science of Good and Evil, by Michael Shermer. not many things have shaped my world view like this and evolution have.

[Warning: graphic/sexual images]

more on the the book here


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