The Reason Driven Podcast and George Hrabo

listening to episode 4 of the Reason Driven Podcast, i had the opportunity to listen to an out-spoken atheist named George Hrab. check out the interesting conversation and Hrab’s cool “heaven would be boring” song at the end of the podcast.  they also discuss the kurzweil’s theory on the singularity and where technology could take us, and how we’ll never be able to destroy this world (it would recover from probably anything we could do) but we could destroy ourselves one day.  a lot of interesting topics covered in this episode.

what i like most about this new podcast is that the hosts (or at least one of them) is new to freethinking after a year and a half of research into his own religion (fundamental christianity).  the questions he asks his guests a lot of the time sound like things i would be asking, too as i am also new to this world view.   give it a listen- start with episode 1 (my favorite so far).


3 thoughts on “The Reason Driven Podcast and George Hrabo

  1. psiloiordinary: just downloaded that song as well from iTunes. he really is talented.

    Danny Schade: keep up the great work with the podcast! thanks for keeping it light and funny- sometimes that’s a relief from the other “more serious” podcasts out there!

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