i am legend, ice Skating, halo, etc.

last week we played halo 3 with jon and ali. it was fun but for some reason we had an even funner time playing a little jet-fighter game called aegis wing later that night. jan and ali hooked on to my ship and let me control all of us while i dodged dozens of bullets and we all screamed at the near-misses. tons of fun. last night i finally saw i am legend. awesome movieAegis Wing

i love movies like this. just didn’t like the paranormal aspect tacked on in the end (that wasn’t necessary at all). my wife thought, well maybe everyone in the world died b/c god wanted to eliminate the wicked. i thought that that makes perfectly rational sense to wipe out an entire human race using that rational. anyone who accepts the noah-flood story should not have any issue with (like in the movie) god allowing almost 6 billion people to suffer and die or be eaten. yeah, makes perfect sense, in a religious worldview sort of way.

i went ice skating at the 7 peaks arena. gaby’s feet kept sliding out from under her. she couldn’t get the hang of it for an hour. when she got the hang of it it was really rewarding to hold her hand and watch her accomplish skating on ice. i had a zen moment with her, holding her little hand, stablizing her little falls, as we skated i didn’t think about work, how tired/sleepy i was, making sells, bills, nothing, just the smooth ice below us and how special the opportunity was to be able to be doing this activity with my daughter. i realized that i wanted to have more of these moments with my daughter. i also realized i wanted more of these zen “in-the-moment” experiences. that’s something i want to look into more. i think i’m too caught-up in thinking about everything else all the time and anything else that might come up. it’s like my life is a game of chess and i’m always trying to think 10 steps ahead. being in the moment is actually living and breathing. i saw a really funny clip yesterday on scrubs that portrayed this idea perfectly showing two different doctors, one (the black guy) who kept thinking about everything at once and the other (the italian or whatever) guy who was just thinking about how shiny the scalpel was. sums it up pretty good.

i saw that on the tv at work. our office on main street in park city is being 50% rented out for the sundance people to use so i was stuck in the lunch room watching a little tv. i also caught the colbert report where Neil Shuben talked about “your inner fish”. i told the Australian girl next to me how i was fascinated by evolution and told briefly about some of our vestigial organs and body parts that we have. she seemed cautiously interested but i could tell she was uncomfortable. why? why is it so hard for people to accept science? the debate over evolution is over in the scientific community and has been a little after darwin’s publication. that’s a long time. i also spoke with a gay co-worker yesterday and he asked what one of the first issues i had with my religion- i told him evolution, among many other things. he told me he recently heard a discussion on the radio showing how creationism and evolution are compatible and thinks the debate (creationism vs evolution) is not over. he also said he is catholic. why and why? why hold on to creationism for dear life and why be gay and a believing catholic? my wife said simply “he must not have read the bible”.

yesterday was awesome though. at my job i can go snowboarding during down time. the lift comes right outside my office. its perfect. yesterday was FREEZING though. i didn’t have a face mask (gonna buy one soon) so i felt like i was hiking everest or something. it was just torture with the wind and freezing temp. i went up the lift with my friend from jersey. he talks very lout like your token east-coaster. i told him about my fertility apt. on wednesday (today) and he looked puzzled “why don’t you just adopt? i’ve made a pact with myself that i’m just going to adopt b/c there are already too many children in this world that need a home that i can’t be bringing more in it”. i told him that’s really impressive and i applaud his reasoning but that there is just something in us that greatly desires to pass on our dna. i’d love to have a biological child but if not i am more than greatful to adopt sometime soon. i have an amazing daughter right now (step) and i couldn’t be more thankful for her. i really lucked out on her. she is the most obedient, creative, sweet, caring, loving, fun, energetic, healthy little girl i’ve ever met. and she’s a little doll. she’s a mini-me of my beautiful wife. if i’m able to have a mini-me of myself that would be cool, too, is all i’m saying. hope it works out today- hope i get a great doctor. if not, i think i’ll be starting the process of adoption soon.

but anyways, after i got to the top of the mountain and we started riding down, the freezing experience was all worth it! it was still cold and little ice-particles were blown into my face from time to time but the powder was just unreal. riding on top of inches and inches of powder felt like i was riding on a cloud. just took me to cloud 9 really. i can’t wait to get out more often.

some close friends of mine are not getting married in the LDS temple. her mother threatened to not even show up at the wedding and to not help with any expenses. she and her fiancee cried a lot that day. i met another girl at work who is going to marry a non-LDS guy. her sisters and mother told her they will not be showing up at the wedding either. how tragic.


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