Evolution Primer

great compilation of short videos on Evolution.

Part One: Isn’t Evolution Just a Theory?

Part Two: Who was Charles Darwin?

Part Three: How Do We Know Evolution Happens?

Part Four: How Does Evolution Really Work?

Part Five: Did Humans Evolve?

Part Six: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Answer: “Our very survival depends on our understanding of Evolution”

Part Seven: Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?


4 thoughts on “Evolution Primer

  1. Thanks for posting!

    Just thought I’d let you know that I still read and enjoy your blog, although I don’t really comment.

    I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes about evolution.

    This one courtesy of a TBM family member, a business major at BYU:

    “I’m glad I’m not a biology major or something like that, so I don’t have to deal with questions about evolution.”

    This one comes from a former co-worker at BYU (a pre-med student in a biology class!):

    “My grounds for rejecting evolution aren’t based on facts; they’re based on morals.”

  2. those are classic! i don’t know what people have against evol. if you want to believe that god did it THRU evolution then what’s wrong with that? that would make much more sense to me if he’s making thousands of worlds to use a hands-free process rather than a wiggle of the nose like in i dream of geenie (have you seen the new mr. deity episode).

    i’m glad you still visit. maybe one day we could do lunch with loyd- he told me you guys meet up and eat every now and then. i like your vsom blog although i don’t comment there very often, either. anyways, thanks for saying hi!

  3. Here’s another favorite quote about evolution. Last year, my father-in-law couldn’t believe how little supervision my wife, a first-year teacher, received in the classroom. He said, “She could be teaching anything she wanted–she could be teaching Darwinism [evolution]!”

    Next time I’m in Utah, we should have lunch.

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