Happy Chrismahanukkwanzakuhsolsticemas!

Christmas this year was a ton of fun. last year i was in hawaii and the vacation-side of our hawaii trip was incredible, the holiday-side wasn’t so great. i had a couple of siblings who never wanted to leave the condo to go to the beach, go on hikes or do anything, and this caused some contention between us (our parents had spent a lot of money on the trip).

this year has been great, though. i feel the “christmas spirit”, i got a few days off of work to be with my family, cuddled as a family in bed this morning and will be surrounded by loved ones today. yesterday i spent the day last-minute shopping at our two local malls with all of my brothers and sisters and best friend. my grandma and my parents visited our new apartment. we hid the coffee-maker. my dad had a very special holiday-rant about “his amazing god-made heart and how his man-made mechanical valve (which is sustaining his life right now) just doesn’t compare to god’s marvelous creations (which didn’t last sixty years of human wear and tear). i thought it was incredible to see someone knock the very thing that saved his life- science. in the room there were also two survivors of surgery and one cancer survivor as well. we all owed our life to science. a hundred years or so ago we’d all have been dead. that was the norm for thousands of years now, was to expect a short lifespan- even with religious prayer and blessings being commonplace. life-expectancy didn’t change until science changed it.

our daughter has been so sweet this holiday season. she’s 7, and whenever anyone asks her what she wants for christmas, she says “just love”. she’s really sweet. no, i don’t think she’s deprived of love from her parents, haha, it probably has something to do with the fact that she just recently had a b’day full of presents and that her room is already overflowing with toys from us, her grandparents and her aunts and uncles. she’s borederline spoiled. but that’s what she always says is that she just wants love. very cute and mature, i think. she said she’s the only one in her class that said that to her teacher, too. “another boy said he wanted the whole world”, she told us later. whenever she asks about the existence of santa i let her think it out for herself. she usually ends up doubting but i can tell she likes to “play along” in the tradition like most kids do.

so i’m very thankful that this year was a good one for me and my family and i look forward to having this special time allotted culturally to be able to be with my loved ones. i also look forward to making some goals for the new year, and celebrating the holidays with some good parties.

to all my friends out there- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

…and remember to relax…christmas is fun! it doesn’t have to be true just like halloween doesn’t have to be true We don’t have to believe in a thing to like it.

and now for some skeptical links for christmas:

The Pagan Christ (Christ’s Pagan history, complete with videos)

Christ’s Pagan roots (a different video, made by a Youtube user)

Christmas is a Pagan Holiday

btw, i found that cool word for this blog heading here


2 thoughts on “Happy Chrismahanukkwanzakuhsolsticemas!

  1. I’ve been liking any of:

    Happy Festivus
    Merry Mythmas
    Merry ChriFSMas

    or, from wrapping paper I got last year, and available on ThinkGeek:

    Have a Satisfactory Non-Denominational Capitalist Wintertime Gift-Giving Season

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