being honest with yourself

from memoirs of an ex-christian:

[…]And this last point applies to my lack of belief in God. My atheism is a part of who I am, and one thing that I decided long ago is that I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I think it is far more honest to live out what I really am, rather than trying to force myself to believe in virgin births, parting seas, talking donkeys, and people rising from the dead – things that are so alien to my natural way of thinking that I find them extremely difficult to accept. If the God Christianity really exists, and if I one day stand before his throne, would he not accept the fact that I lived honesty, over and above the fact that I did not believe in him? If he decides to send me to hell because of his bruised ego, is he truly worthy of worship at all? I find more value in honesty than in belief or in conformity, and for this short life I choose honesty.


One thought on “being honest with yourself

  1. Good choice. Any god that would send any soul to hell for eternity without chance of parole is not all-forgiving. Any god that would do so based solely on one’s willingness to accept him/her and sing praise to him/her is not worthy of my worship. Any god that would do so based on this without even having a single clear well defined undisputed set of rules published is worthy of my contempt.

    If, when I die, I find out there really is such a creature, I intend to do my best to get in one good shot and punch god in the nose before I get zapped for eternity. I’m not worried (or practicing boxing) though. No such creature exists.

    Even the hypothetical existence of god raises more questions than it answers. If you thought it was hard explaining the existence of our universe, imagine trying to explain where some creature came from that was capable of creating such things at the rate of one per week. Clearly there must have been a god creator … and a god creator creator …. It’s turtles all the way down!

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