Why December the 25th?


3 thoughts on “Why December the 25th?

  1. Why is the Christian greeting always “Merry Christmas”? If it’s Jesus’ birthday and he’s real unlike all the other gods.. why dont they say “happy birthday Jesus”? … along the same lines of “heil Hitler”?

    anyway.. good video 😀

  2. hahaha maybe joseph smith new about dec. 25th’s history and that’s why christ’s b’day bash is celebrated april 6th amongst mormons. i’m sure the information was out there during his time. it’s interesting how mormon doctrine has been progressive in some ways (evolution of man to god hints of the process of evolution, most mormons are not young-earth creationists, no existence of a biblical fiery “hell”, etc.) and yet dark-aged non-progressive in other senses (men on the moon and even on the sun, inequality of blacks, women, etc. etc. etc.).

    why the partial progressiveness then in the lds church? b/c it is a product of a time of partial progressiveness (the 1800’s- very recent).

    i guess that’s why i’ve recently been “baptized” in the clear waters of humanism and skepticism- the most progressive ideology i’ve found yet.

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