de-conversion of a jehovah’s witness

found this on the Mormon Stories blog.  watching this i see many similarities between mormonism and the jw’s.

Part one:

this ex-jehovah’s witness talks about a typical week (including scripture study w/ the family on Mondays or Tuesdays, followed by more study throughout the week, proselyting and church meetings. she also talks about how they would never celebrate any pagan holidays like christmas and they would even knock on people’s doors on christmas day when families where preparing their xmas meals in order to tell them that they were doing something contrary to the bible.

part two:

sell magazines! the end is coming!! …er, wait, they’ve been saying that since the beginning of their church (same as Mormonism…. and same as early christianity).

at the age of 9 she had doubts/questions and her inquiries were met w/ “questioning is apostasy- you are questioning GOD”. She felt shameful and didn’t get any help from anyone. “disagreeing with (or even questioning) witness doctrine was disagreeing with god himself”

finding inconsistencies and bringing them to anyones attention she would be labeled an apostate and have to meet with the leadership and asked why she was questioning god and his authority (for example she found out that it was said that the second coming would come at a certain date and it did not happen).

when she told her parents she wanted to leave the church she was threatened with being ostracized from the family.

…it was made clear to her that her mother would not accept her as a daughter anymore because she would not be a witness any longer.  she was 15 y.o.  she tried to take her own life because of this.

i thought that what she said here could easily have been said by an ex-mormon or ex-christian as well:

it’s important for witnesses or children or adults to understand that people don’t leave b/c they’ve been corrupted by an apostate or demonic thinking. it’s not that at all.  it’s just being human.  people leave the church because they grow a brain.  people are right.  it is a cult.  its’ exactly like all of the other religions that they mock.   it’s a cult because they control everything you think, how you dress, what you do every day.  there’s no room for free will, which is what humans are about.


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