fish outta wata’

i haven’t looked into the following but it looks very interesting as to how fish could easily have left water for short amounts of time, leading towards the evolution of legs…

Every November and December Hood Canal’s Skokomish River rises out of its banks, and many returning chum salmon are forced to swim across flooded roads to reach their spawning grounds. It is a compelling scene that illustrates how salmon manage to overcome sometimes monumental obstacles to continue their cycle of life.

Here’s a video of these determined little boogers.



3 thoughts on “fish outta wata’

  1. This is not a good thing. The river overflows its banks because the upland logging operations have dumped so much sediment into the river that the river bottom under the bridge in the town of Skokomish is 12 feet higher now than it was 40 years ago. The water has no place to go, but out onto the roads and land that – 40 years ago – was not normal flood plain.

    The fish are simply following the current upstream to their spawning grounds – which are also damaged by the sedimentation from logging. They don’t “have” to cross the road, they are just swimming upstream against the current which (for a few weeks) happens to be coming over or down the road.

    I am not against logging, just poor logging practices.

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