demonic séances, satanic callings/summonings

hopefully that heading will grab the attention of a lot of people, especially anyone googling those words, or any devil-worshippers or Wiccans (not the same thing, mind you) that may be able to help out with the following:

***if anyone knows the mother of all demon-summoning séances (to call upon demons or whatever), i’d like to know what that would be.  there are actually two problems with this, however:  one, being that the Church of Satan or Satanists, are nothing more than atheists who enjoy halloween-type ceremonies and indulging in pleasure.  no claims to real demons there, though.  second problem is that if someone knew how to summon demons and were able to get anything other than normal house noises from a seance, then they would be able to claim Randy’s $Million.  soooo…. not much hope in this at all but it would be nice to not “wonder” about the possibilities of demons anymore, you know?


7 thoughts on “demonic séances, satanic callings/summonings

  1. ok your could get the cd Tales from the Lotus Pod – by Dark Lotus and play that cd. or you could do what it tells you to do in the cd case which is, to go into a dark room to where there is no light even cover the crack under the door, then you get about a 4 ft mirror and stick that infront of you in the room and then just sit and stare at the mirror in the pitch black room for 10 to 30 minutes just thinking and believing in demons, the realm of the dark, satan and so on and so forth. the more you think about it the better. and there you go a demonic seance.

  2. If you are so set on athiestic mindsets and agnosticism you are on a path that satan seeks to bide you on when you try to invoke demons the demons see what path you are on and they seek to keep you on the path and push you further towards satan in ways that you are willing and able to go your sceptacism is something that satan is not willing to immediately overcome in an attempt to prove to you that demons exist (apparently and to my understanding of the ways of demons) I would inform you that satan and demons are real perhaps you should considder an alien war involving interstellar satan that might appease your need to have a big universe maby you can find that satan is everywhere but untill you find a demon really willing to bind you to the satanic mindset in a way that dose not interfere with the satanic overseen path of athiesm that you are on why don’t you start searching the internet on satanic sights and filling your head with an understanding of satan I would tell you that you may find truth to interstellar satan but that isjust one of the dimensions of satanism out there and there are a lot of different avenues to satanism that you can explore and I tell you that as you search these sights the demons are aware and will come to you as satan bids and the openess of your own acceptance of the new beliefs that you encounter will determine what kind of demonic response you find.

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  4. my girlfriends’ sister and dad did a seance before and the spirit or demon spelt out ” codcalk” or something, does anyone know if this means anything?

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