best music of the year

[notice, this is not opinion, these are the canonized, set-in-stone best albums of this year, 2007, according to me].

…and the award goes to (in alphabetical order):

  • Best of Benny Benassi
  • The Compton Effect (by Greydon Square)
  • David Waxman Presents: Ultra Electro
  • Elements Of Life (by Tiësto)
  • Godskitchen: Global Gathering 2007
  • In Search Of Sunrise 6 Ibiza (by Tiësto)
  • Live At Radio City (by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds)
  • Pop Life (by David Guetta)

**enjoy! and if you don’t agree, feel free to recommend your favorites (that aren’t quite as good, of course) in the comment section…


2 thoughts on “best music of the year

  1. hahaha… thanks, DC is alright, i’ve just gone more “housey” than alternative lately. i’ve been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes though but mostly just house, trance, …and podcasts 😉

    if you haven’t checked out atheist rapper greydon square, then check him out now.

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