kent hovind, fucktard: part 3 (Free MP3!)

from eddygoombah‘s youtube page (song writer of the music to Tribute to Kent cartoon):

Here’s a link to the studio recording if you wanna download it and give it to your friends: (Sorry, link Down)

Here are the Lyrics:


Yeah, We all know this guy and he’s a friggin’ ass.
Yeah, he calls himself a doctor but he hasn’t passed a science class.
But even though, he says that evolution is just a made up claim.
I don’t know about you, but that’s fucking lame.

I guess the Flintstones were real, Just like the taxes he didn’t steal.

You’re a fuck-tard, aren’t ya, Kent?

And the way that he tries to prove his made up shit,
(His made up shit)
He says that science is a lie and the bible proves it.
(The bible proves it oooooh)
But what he doesn’t seem to know is that bible that he claims to have read,
(It really sucks)
has about as much facts as “Evil Dead”.
(“I’ll swallow your soul”)
Yes, god IS for sale! I hope that you fucking rot in jail! 🙂

You’re a fuck-tard, aren’t ya, Kent?

Yeah, I don’t think he knows the shit that he believes is just a fucking joke.
But what is REALLY sad is that people out there buy into the shit that he preaches.

Kent, you are the biggest ass in the world. Oh, yes you are!
Kent you’re a dick.


4 thoughts on “kent hovind, fucktard: part 3 (Free MP3!)

  1. Well you have really conveyed your message in such a wonderful way….I would have thought the person who made that song up is definately decended from a monkey…

    Although i am not a believer, i must say at least Kent puts forward his points with intelligence and straightforwardness without the need for lowering himself to such language…

    Sure, he has made mistakes, but as the book says…”He without Sin, cast the first stone”…

    Come out of you Glasshouses before you chuck your stones fella’s

  2. It’s only a bit of fun Sheeno. Besides Kent may have put forward straight forward arguments but they were not intelligent.
    This vid ain’t that bad, all it did was call him a fucktard, hoped he rotted in jail and hoped he would become a plaything for the other inmates. It’s not like the vid said that he would suffer in eternal agony and torment in a like of fire. I wonder what kind of person could actually be that cruel and heartless to actually believe something like that would happen to another human being? Maybe someone like Kent Hovind?

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