kent hovind, fucktard: part 1

creation “science”‘s hovindites (the father-son team) are crossing the line. they just took off a really cool cartoon spoofing kent hovind (famous creationist) for “copyright infringement”. they don’t have the right to take the video off of youtube and now the Rational Response Squad is trying to sue.


5 thoughts on “kent hovind, fucktard: part 1

  1. unfuckingbelievable! Funny thing is, I scowered the web for a parody video of Kent Hovind and I can’t find a thing. Could it be possible that they got them all removed?

  2. lol… well that’s the word on youtube, is that most all of those videos are being pulled, and the response is that that’s illegal to do so these creationists might get themselves into some deep shit (like possibly kent’s son meeting his dad in jail- since kent’s in jail right now for tax-evasion).

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