An LDS Skeptic?

today i stumbled upon a blogger who likes to write on science and religion. about his background, he says:

I was born and raised in the Church, served a mission in the U.S., graduated from BYU, completed a Ph.D. in microbiology, and am now a postdoctoral researcher.

He also talks about

the great podcast, “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe” (I’ve been listening for about a year and a half, now).

So, a skeptic and true-believing Mormon?  i was intrigued and had to drop him a line:

Jared,I think you’re the first LDS person I’ve found that listens to the SGU. That’s awesome. I’ve been listening for a little over a year now as well, and my brother is hooked, too. I too have been very interested in the whole Science vs Religion topic and recently, science one me over. Faith for me has died, proves to be ridiculous, non-trustworthy and non-evidence based, whereas science is much more on the other side of the spectrum of truth.

Science (the age of the earth and the origins of man in particular) killed my judeo-christian god because they not only contradict the holy texts but blow it out of the water completely as far as truth goes.

I’m writing you this comment because I’m very interested in how you can continue to be a believer, especially recognizing the fallacies of the human mind, and the fallacies in religious and LDS thought.

If you want to read my “exit story” from faith you can find it here. I now blog here on science and atheism so stop by if you like. Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say hi to a fellow SGU fan and I admit that I’m intrigued by you as a believing LDS scientist (i hope i got that right about you). Forgive me as i am pre-judging you to be employing the same psychological errors as other religious critical-thinkers (ie cognitive dissonance, wishful thinking, god-of-the gaps argumentation, belief because of family, etc.).

Glad you’re keeping an open-mind, though. Talk to you later.

sounds like someone i could get along with but i admit that i already pre-judge him about several things because of his (in my mind) flawed belief-system.  should be interesting to hear from him.


3 thoughts on “An LDS Skeptic?

  1. Pins and needles waiting for the reply here.

    My guess is that, all rhetoric aside, this one’s just sitting on the fence, hegding his Pascal’s Wager.

  2. that would be my guess too. i always find it interesting to talk to people that know science and find reasons to believe as well- they’re never good reasons, is what it comes down to. i just went to Sunstone last month and met with Duane Jeffrey (professor at BYU and author of Evolution and Mormonism). i asked him if he thinks God is prejudice towards the scientifically literate and towards critical thinkers since the majority of whom are non-believers. and i asked him if he thought it would be intellectually honest to take the stance of agnosticism or atheism since no one knows anything. he told me that if one studies a lot and comes to such a conclusion (agnosticism) than in his mind it is an acceptable, non-condemnable, stance. he was a cool guy to talk to, even though he did not answer the question posed by the panel’s own topic which was entitled:

    “Does God Really Hate Amputees?, Or What Does Science and Reason Tell Us About the Existence of God?”

    It was a disappointing LDS-rebuttal to the arguments from the new atheist top-seller books. speaking to him afterwards, however, showed Jeffrey to be more humble and intelligent than he was in his presentation.

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