Deliver Us From Evil

Just watched Deliver Us From Evil.  It’s a very well done Documentary on sexual abuse in the Catholic Priesthood.  It was very hard to watch some parts of it as the topic of pedophilia was discussed, but I promise it is worth it to stick it out to the end.  I felt a small piece of the personal anguish of the Japanese father telling their own story and it brought me to tears several times.  I think everyone should see this important film out of love for the victims and support for those trying to change the church’s corporate and corrupt system.


2 thoughts on “Deliver Us From Evil

  1. I saw this movie after downloading it by mistake and it was quite a different subject to listen about this priest who honestly got away with too much , the most painful part was the father saying that he finally realized that there was no God since this would of never happened in the first place and where his daughter sits right beside crying because she wants him to believe in God…my view on God have changed nevertheless the pain brought to this and many other families by this individual is most horrid and doesn’t deserve pity , he says that he felt horrible and sorry but honestly there is something wrong in this picture…again this is a great atempt to show how organized religion with their structure,policies,commandments,rules protects their leadership and leaaves no resort for the simple worshipper who is being abused.


  2. Yeah that part of the movie was hard for me to watch, too. That family’s story was really really sad and my heart goes out to them and the other victims. Thanks for visiting my blog, martiin- come back and comment more often!

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