Holofonia- Holographic Sound

This is absolutely incredible- I can’t imagine what watching a movie will be like with this technology. Or listening to a orchestra and actually being surrounded by the instruments. Awesome. Make sure you listen with headphones! Apparently the technology is called Holofonia and it is created by recording from microphones on a “dummy’s” head. It then goes through an algorithm and the audio playback is a split second difference from one ear to the other, thus creating a completely real 3D sound!  Or as Pharyngula said:

You’ve gotta love your brain and the way it can translate phase and timing differences in sound into a spatial map, without you really having to think about it.

[props to toomanytribbles for finding this]

Update:  I guess this is a known technology called binaural audio.  But the recordings in the past (like Pearl Jam’s CD, this mousetunes clip, and this audiobook) aren’t near as good as the sound clip from the video above.  I think this technology is going to take off in CD’s, movies and the gaming industry.  I can’t wait to see this unfold!  Just imagine you’re in the theater watching a scary movie and all of a sudden you hear the killer whisper in your ear out of nowhere!

8 thoughts on “Holofonia- Holographic Sound

  1. Sounds AMAZING!

    You have a great blog. I write a science blog called Fresh Brainz mainly about evolutionary biology and a few random laughs.

    Would you like to exchange blog links?

    Best regards!

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