Sexy Description of Human Reproduction

…As told by science and sung by electronic music:

[It is] natural to feel a sense of awe and wonder… and goosebumps, […][for life] …I mean the way, that humans reproduce…is…at a moment when they are as close to each other as they can possibly be. And at that moment their DNA combines to produce new life so that an ancient continuety that stretches back four billion yrs on this planet continues on, with the information- the secret- of life at its heart= what’s more beautiful than that? It’s so much more beautiful than the religious myths that we’ve been given (and it could only be revealed by science).

Quote by Ann Druyan, wife of Carl Sagan, on POI 1/05/2007
Music by Apex, Virtuoso (Factoria Vocal Mix)

Video created by this Myspace user


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