Ann Druyan on Love and Carl Sagan

Ann Druyan:

Of all the people I’ve ever known- I’ve never known anyone who lived and believed so strongly in the power of love and being in love and he was absolutely breathtaking in his endless fascination with love. He would put his love for me and our children above everything. we were together (married) for more than twenty years and we must have asked each other to marry each other virtually every day of those twenty years. I mean that’s how aware we were of our great good fortune and having found each other in this vast universe and being on the same world at the same time was just- too good to be true- and from the moment we fell in love till his last breath I felt it at every turn.

From Point of Inquiry, 1/5/2007


5 thoughts on “Ann Druyan on Love and Carl Sagan

  1. Have you heard the “logically critical” podcast. I’ve just seen he’s put an new one out called “Why Atheism” haven’t listened to it yet but his others are good – the Pascals Wager one is a classic.

    Do a quick search on iTunes to find it.


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