The Story of How I Lost My Faith

The Devolution of my Faith or the Evolution of reason in me

I’ve recently lost my faith in my childhood religion- Mormonism. It still hurts in some ways but is alleviating and invigorating in many more. I’ve posted my story here.

If anyone has any ideas how to restore a faith that’s lost, I’ve offered somewhat of a “challenge” at the end of the post. I’d love to hear what you think.

Here is a short letter I wrote to Steven Novella, host of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe:

I just wanted to let you know that your podcast has been extremely enlightening and liberating for me. Learning critical thinking skills from you (I give all of the credit to the 100 podcasts of yours I have listened to, and to Thomas Kida’s short book) has finally liberated me from my childhood religion- Mormonism. It is still hard for me to accept this and I question myself everyday but upon entertaining these thoughts I always come to the same iron-clad conclusion: the only thing acceptable for myself is science and reason (and skepticism)! Skepticism is, after all, only well-done science.

I love science like you can’t imagine (well i’m sure you can, actually). My brother does too- he quickly became an atheist and great skeptic after only months of being introduced to your podcast. To him, you are our current greatest skeptical mind. I’d probably have to agree with him.

Just to let you know, my brother and I both served two-year missions for our church and were highly dedicated to the faith.

I’ve written a post about my slow but sure “exit” from mormonism here: (comment on it if you like!)

The reason I am writing you about this is, like i said earlier, you were “one of the nails in the coffin” for me to lose my faith in faith. Thank you so much!

I appreciate and listen to your podcast every week and little by little I’m chipping away at the hard shells of the people around me. The mind is a tricky thing to convince against it’s own pre-supposed notions. It could be an anthropologist’s dream to see the heatedly stubborn cognitive dissonance exhibited here in Utah, and by my father and some close friends. A psychologist’s dream as well, naturally.

Please keep it up- you are doing an amazing job with the skeptical rougues by your side. I just wrote your brother Jay about how your panel’s personalities compliment each other so well- hearing the wit, science and logical thinking from your podcast each week is better than any TV show on the air. It’d be awesome if the Skeptic’s Guide could get their own show on TV one day- it could change the nation little by little. Like it’s changed me. So thanks again and i’ll write to you again in a couple of weeks with some questions I have for you guys (like is modern man still not completely walking upright- notice how it’s natural for everyone to slouch).

I’ll let you go- thanks again Steve!



5 thoughts on “The Story of How I Lost My Faith

  1. ‘If anyone has any ideas how to restore a faith that’s lost, I’ve offered somewhat of a “challenge” at the end of the post. I’d love to hear what you think.’

    why would anyone want to go back?

  2. toomanyribbles:

    “why would anyone want to go back?”
    Well because I want an afterlife and I don’t know if freezing my head just to thaw a few hundred years from now is feasible. Also, like Michael Shermer pointed out in Beyond Belief (part two), people sometimes need religion for other reasons like community, family relationshiips, etc. But don’t worry, that’s not enough to get me back into believing again- i’m pretty far from that. And I’d put my “faith” in freezing my head over the wishful thinking of a belief in an afterlife any day. these issues are still a little difficult to deal with being in a strong mormon community and family but, like i says, i say’s i is deal with it.


    thanks for the welcome… I read that story you linked to. sounds a lot like me and so many people i’ve been running into (on the net, not mormondum)

  3. Steve wrote me back (ahhh, the honor):


    Thanks for the kind words. (This is the real Steve Novella, btw.)

    Always glad to hear that we helped pull someone toward the light.


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