Phalluses and Fallocies Part 3- Advertisements

We are pattern-seeking animals and here are some great examples in Pareidolia (where one sees familiar objects in random natural objects). Pretty funny stuff. (also: Part one- nature, Part two- Logos)

275153441_2985aba960_o 275153449_8953f4c923_o 275153475_a468261176_o 275153485_b21c505faf_o 275153487_b831d834ec_o 275153498_608373729f_o 275153509_467ea4e1a9_o 275153536_5ab4985a68_o 275153551_a61f5529f1_o 275153566_fa244f3c5e_o 275153571_b4f2134d31_o 275153599_c0afb1c55b_o 275153635_747dbc5c67_o 275153651_019c737abe_o 275153667_b3360c0764_o 275153685_7af1bd40cc_o 275153702_2bfc07379f_o 275153718_86f3ccdbeb_o 275153735_b895f3103b_o



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