Hadjicostas the Homeopath: A Short Study of Fallacies

Steven Novella of the Skeptic’s Guide answers a Homeopathist’s (sp?) claim and scientific challenge promoting the efficacy of Homeopothy.  This gives Dr. Novella a great opportunity to disect the argument and exploit the fallacies it contained.

Great examples of Anecdotal Evidence (even in large numbers), False Dichotomy, and the Placebo Effect are included in the article.

Also of note Steven says,

The reference to quantum physics to explain apparently impossible effects, such as homeopathy, is becoming almost ubiquitous among promoters of pseudoscience. The strange behavior of atomic and subatomic particles described by quantum mechanics does not apply to the macroscopic world. Quantum effects do not apply to people, and quantum mechanics cannot rescue homeopathy or any similar pseudoscience from extreme scientific implausibility.


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