New Science Discoveries

  • Huge Bird-Like Dinosaur Discovered via LiveScience, via NY Times. This changed modern thought on the evolution of Dinosaurs to Birds in that it was previously believed that dinosaurs grew smaller before getting their bird-like features whereas this Gigantoraptor had many bird-like features (possibly even feathers) and was still huge.
  • Radio tags smaller than pepper flakes could make diamond rings and other valuables more secure (I could have used that when my iPod and Canon camera were stolen).
  • The world’s largest organism is the size of 1600 football fields- humongous fungus
  • A diet pill that expands in your belly (like jell-o) leaving you feeling more satisfied
  • Is there life out there? “Most Definitely” say UK scientists
  • The contact lens that could restore vision with use
  • Humans have a bit of Shark in their DNA (some 450 million years ago we shared the same ancestor
  • New Limbless Lizard species discovered. It was found by an Indian zoologist
  • New study says “Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun“. Practices ranging from bondage to group sex, transvestism and the use of sex toys were widespread in primitive societies as a way of building up cultural ties.
  • On caffeine: it is best administered in a larger number of smaller doses with the doses coming later in the day.
  • Astronomers find most massive star ever discovered. 114 solar masses!

What'chu lookin at?


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