Man, Calvin Got it Right

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5 thoughts on “Man, Calvin Got it Right

  1. D. Peace this is the first interesting thing I’ve seen by Calvin and Hobbes. i’d love it if i could find more so let me know if you got any links of interest.

  2. The strip was published in newspapers all over the world from 1985 to 1995. In Dec. of 1995, the creator and only cartoonist to ever work on the strip retired it due to the fact that he didn’t want it to drag on so long that it became repetitive or uninteresting.

    The entire series is collected in trade paperback editions. If you go to and look up CALVIN & HOBBES, or the author’s name, which was Bill Watterson, you’ll find most of them are still in print. The comic has endured for many years, so they keep those books in circulation.

    This link might give you some previews to check out. Try it and see.

    C&H often involved themes of philosophy, existentialism, religion, and all kinds of interesting things. Also, there was always a really fresh and irreverant sense of humor because the comic involved a kid and his pet tiger (who, to adults, looked like a plush toy). The artwork was great, the characters interesting… it was just a cool strip. Incidentally, I think the first few years of the comic were a bit boring… it took the writer a while to find his “voice”.

    Sorry if I overexplained. I’m not sure how much you knew about the comic already, so I just thought I’d give you an overview.

    Take care.

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