podcast: penn teller with julia sweeney

Just a quick post about a podcast i just listened to today. Penn Jillette interviews who he calls “the poster girl for atheism”, Julia Sweeney. Her humor almost makes me accept myself as an atheist (instead of simply agnostic). She talks about how she used to view God not as an over-powerful person in our lives, but more as “a nice uncle”. she joked about this view of God she had (when she was a catholic) saying that if she one day found out she had cancer, he would probably just say something like “oh geez, i’m so sorry to hear that. man, what a bummer.” (totally paraphrasing here so you gotta listen to the podcast yourself. she’s hella funny!

She also talks about her adopted chinese daughter, and she and Penn go off on a tangent about how people should not try to conserve their heritages but that cultures should just merge together (like the melting pot idea). Penn said that this would be the only way to bring down the walls between cultures and unify nations and people (again, paraphrasing here). Penn also went off on a rant about the type of anarchy he supports and what kind of a government and school systems this would employ. he left me wanting to hear more about his ideas!

In short, it was great to be a part of a very interesting conversation between two rational-thinking funny people.

To download this episode CLICK HERE.

Another good episode to check out is Penn interviewing the creators of Southpark (in iTunes (under Podcasts in the music store and then Penn Radio- 2/28/2007).

Hey, also check out an excerpt of Sweeney’s famous “Letting Go of God” here– it’s really funny!


One thought on “podcast: penn teller with julia sweeney

  1. Thanks for the pointer … Penn, Teller, and Sweeney, it’s bound to be a classic.

    I bought Sweeney’s “Letting Go of God” from iTunes a few months back and found it extraordinarily funny and profound. LDS General Conference makes life seem so drab by comparison. 🙂 I think Sweeney signals a future where atheism finds the human soul and takes us to the next level.

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