Pimp My House

A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.  -George Carlin

I’m going to start a new tag/category on my blog called My Dream Home (not to be confused with Dream Homes Builder, a chic upper-class home builder in Utah). In this category I’ll be archiving cool things that I would like to have in my home one day. Today, for example, I found these speaker-tiles for the bathroom (I would love to be able to just plug my iPod into the wall and continue listening the podcast I have on at the time- not being able to listen to my iPod while I shower sometimes even discourages me from my ever-necessary daily washing (see picture on right)).

So here’s my first addition to the compilation of things that will one day end up in my pimp dream home (from GadgetLab):

Kohlersoundtileweb If the Skymall catalogue’s been looking dull lately, fear not: Kohler and Polk Audio’s SoundTile shower tile speakers are perfect fodder for that oracle of overpriced gadget faff. Cut in the standard 4×4″ form factor of a humble ceramic splash tile, the speakers are otherwise standard waterproof fare, ready to be wired up to any standard system or Kohler’s other foray into bathroom sound, the DTV II.

Is Kohler just farming out its brand name for Polk’s hardware? Not at all: the illustrious maker of lavatorial delights will coat the device to match any of its WaterTile finishes. They’ll be available by the end of the month, for $295 a pair.

Cool, huh! Now where do I plug my iPod?

Product Page [via Electronic House]


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