God vs. Satan: Who Killed More People in the Bible

(click to see larger image)

some interesting comments from Digg (each paragraph is from a different author):

This is the thing I have never understood about religious people. God isn’t a very nice person. If you actually read the Old Testament and Satan is by far the better person. God wanted us to remain mindless worshipers and punished us whenever we strayed from that. Satan is the one who actually gave us consciousness, self awareness, and the ability to think for ourselves, but Satan is the Evil one. I know what existence I would prefer.

That’s not really surprising though. When was the last time the Satanists went on a Crusade or a Jihad?

This chart doesn’t even include all the people who have killed themselves [or a family member] in the name of god. That would be tens of millions more I suppose. And those would be real lives lost, not just Biblical 😉

yes, I think without organized religion the world would be a better place, I get sick of the argument that withough religion you can’t have good morals, I’m an atheist and have very strong morals, unlike many religious people that just blindly follow whatever morals are laid out to them.


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