Intellectual Honesty and a conversation between Pastor Cook and “The Christian Debunker”

Today I listened to an interview/debate between Pastor Cook and “The Christian Debunker“. Both were very intelligent and showed intellectual honesty with one another. What bothered me, was one of the the people who called in, Paul Manata, and how Paul bullied his way in the conversation. (You can download the podcast here). My thoughts on the podcast and on intellectual honesty are as follows:[original source] Mark G. said…

Hey guys, I just got done listening to the podcast- it was very interesting!What bugged me the the most was when Paul Manata almost got off over his supposed “victory” in the “debate” when all the Christian Debunker (sorry, i forgot your name) was doing was being intellectually honest and admitting to some “absurdities” in his own worldview. He did this just to have some humility and commonality and go from there intelligently in the conversation. Paul has the type of personality to jump on these opportunities as if the other is admitting defeat and this just hurts the conversation or “debate”. I hate it when I am involved in a conversation or debate and when trying to show humility and admit ignorance on a certain point, the other jumps on this as an opportune time to declare victor.

This prevents us from being able to have civil discourse and interesting discourse, as well. There is so much we could learn from atheists, Jainism, Christians, Buddhists, Mormons, etc. but if all we care about is “winning the debate” then no one ends up being edified. Nothing is learned. Ego’s are puffed up, that’s all.

Also, I thought it was funny when you said [to Paul Manata when he was arguing a seemingly ridiculous point], “are you listening to yourself”? It is interesting to see the cognitive dissonance occuring in others right before our eyes and they can’t even see it happening.

…Quotes relevant to this post:

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”. -Charles Darwin

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s own ignorance”. -Confucius


2 thoughts on “Intellectual Honesty and a conversation between Pastor Cook and “The Christian Debunker”

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