The Watchmaker and Dawkin’s Rebuttal

My dad sent me this link the other day. It’s a cute, very well done cartoon entitled “The Watchmaker”. I recommend watching it- just for kicks. I recommend even moreso the following videos I sent to my dad as a rebuttal to the Creationists’ famous Watchmaker story.

The Blind Watchmaker:

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three
  4. Part Four

These videos are very short and even cover topics such as “did man and dinasaurs live together”, “how can complex structures such as the eyeball evolve”, and more.


2 thoughts on “The Watchmaker and Dawkin’s Rebuttal

  1. i found your blog and this post while trying to track down the words to that poem.

    my mother sent me the same link.
    i sent her back this reply

    Life is complex, that is easy to see.
    So man comes up with a theory:
    Someone MADE you and me.

    You can’t get something from nothing you see
    There must always be a creator for that thing to be.

    But if humans make gadgets like watch and iPod,
    and someone makes humans (lets call this guy God),
    then who is the genius that put God in the sky?
    And who is the person that created THAT guy?

    If everythings been created by an outside force
    If every thing comes from a higher source
    then from this equation, God can not be divorced
    It’s a chain of creation with an endless course
    This is something I can neither comprehend nor indorse

    There may be parts of evolution
    That I can not explain.
    But there are things about creationism
    That are just as insane

    Let me just cut to the heart of this rhyme
    Some find comfort in intelligent design
    Others think life evolved slowly through time
    But to say you know the absolute truth is a crime

    Where we came from is the puzzle of history
    If we claim to know truth we destroy the beautiful mystery.

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