How to Cook Brazilian Rice and Beans

My wife is Brazilian and cooks the best rice and beans. Many have asked her the secret to making good rice and beans. Here’s her recipe (you’ll need to buy a pressure cooker pan!):


I recommend cooking in a rice cooker.


  1. Open one bag of beans and separate the bad beans from the good beans.
  2. Put the good beans in a pressure cooker pan with water (3x water than beans).
  3. Add heat until boils. Once the cap starts to shake/make noise, turn down the heat and cook for 35 minutes.
  4. Don’t open the pressure cooker pan. Put the pressure cooker pan under cold running water for a minute before opening (if you open it before this it may explode boiling water all over)
  5. Sauté onions, garlic, and smoked sausage (to taste).
  6. Open the pressure cooker pan, heat up on stove again, and mix in the sautéed items.
  7. Add 3 Tbsp of salt (or to taste)
  8. In a separate cup, mix 1 Tbsp flour in a 1/2 cup cold water until dissolves. Add to food in pan.
  9. Stir beans until boils, continue until thickens a little.

[Serves 3-4 servings. Make extra since cooked beans just get better every day as leftovers!]



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