Bear Lake!

Today is Independence Day. My wife is sleeping on the bed while fireworks are going off outside. We just got back from a little trip to Bear Lake in Idaho. We left on the second. We went up with my wife’s family and and some friends. As soon as we got there we set up camp. It was fun to set up the new tent we bought from the camping store the other day. Its a three-man tent made by Coleman. My head and feet touch the two ends of the tent but besides that its cool. There were some Brazilian families there at the campsite we were staying at. A Gaucho named Junior was cooking Churrasco for everyone. We ate and it was delicious. At night my friend and I played the guitar around the campfire, we had smores and sang and talked.

The next day the sun was cooking so bad that we had to get right out of our tent. We had breakfast. They made some breakfast burritos that were awesome. We went to the lake. It was amazing. Really beautiful. We stayed on the beach in our chairs the whole day. Some played soccer. I laid on the beach and fell asleep listening to DJ Tiesto. Luckily I was using SPF 45 because I fell asleep in the sun. I ended up staying in the sun the entire day. At around 3 we rented Wave Runners. My wife and I went out, then later we went with our daughter. I’ve never seen her that excited or having that much fun. It really is so fun to take her out and do fun things. We’ve kind of made this a Fourth of July tradition to rent Wave Runners.

When we got back I was so tired I fell asleep in my chair at the campfire wearing my sunglasses and headphones. I went into the tent as soon as it got dark and slept before anyone in the whole camp. The next day we got up and packed our stuff to go to a famous buffet-style breakfast they have in Bear Lake every Fourth of July. We got there and there was at least a hundred people in line so we bounced. I found someone selling used books in an alley between two stores. I found three books I wanted and asked the price $1. The only problem was that nobody carries cash these days. I didnt have a dollar. No one around accepted CCs and they said there were no ATMs in the city (we were in Paris, Idaho). I got a dollar lent to me after running around everywhere and I was able to buy A Wrinkle In Time, by Stephin Hawking, The Quran, by Muhammad, maybe; and Go Ask Alice which is a journal comparable to the book Jays Journal which is about a boy from Utah and his journal entries about him getting into withcraft and drugs.

We drove back after having an amazing banana-crème shake from the raspberry shake store. On the way back we were almost killed by some idiot cutting us off with his Dodge pulling a trailor. When we passed through Logan I called John Dehlin to come by and see him but he was at work. He called me later and we talked for a little bit. We’re gonna meet up at Sunstone where he will be speaking on some panels and presentations. We ended up going to Fashion Place Mall. A Chinese man asked me how to join the LDS church, if I had any sisters, and if I knew any women who liked Chinese men. I bought a leather wrist band.

On the way home my mom told me to meet up with everyone at my aunt’s house for a BBQ. We went over there and saw my newlywed aunt and uncle, my parents, and cousins. My dad has been really grumpy, especially today, so I gave him a hard time and kept making fun of him for being down. He punched me in the solar-plexus (I think on accident) and I couldn’t talk for three minutes. No one knew I was in so much pain because they were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos and were laughing too hard to pay attention to me wincing. I cooked a bad-ass steak, though. 


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